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October 10, 2007

I’m happy to see that Brian Clark, the Copyblogger (currently #42 in the Technorati Top 100 at the time of posting) has posted about something that I’ve been saying for a while – search engines are not the best source of traffic, especially not valuable or sticky traffic.

And I quote:

“Believe it or not, my strategy since the beginning of Copyblogger has been to pretty much forget search engines exist. Don’t get me wrong… I’m not doing anything to annoy them, and I certainly don’t turn away visitors from search engines. I just don’t depend on them for traffic.

While people work hard to attract links to rank better in search engines, you’ve got to realize that some of the highest quality traffic comes directly from the links. Pretend like search engines are not even a traffic option, and instead focus on repeat traffic and referral sources that no one can take away.”

I can’t remember where I first read “live by Google, die by Google” but it makes sense.  Depending on search engine algorithms that you have no control over doesn’t seem the best way to build a successful site, especially that if that is your only strategy.  However, it is significantly harder to write or something interesting/compelling/linkworthy than to play the SEO game in many cases, so I can see why people go for the quick and dirty traffic from the search engines.

See this post for more of my thoughts on the subject (and tons of interesting links).