Like many freelancers, I tend to work on weekends.  Partly because I like to be busy – I’m seemingly incapable of doing nothing – and partly because when a good idea calls to me, I like to see where it leads.  Of course, thanks to doing lots of writing about fashion and entertainment, my weekends tend to involve lots of fabulous events like fashion shows and benefit parties (I know, my life is sooo tough). 

However, this weekend I am not going to work.  Instead, I’m heading up to the wilds of northern Michigan, where there are Mennonites, bears, and (gulp) no internet access.  Since the vast majority of what I do depends on the web, I’ll be forced to relax sans computer for a few days. 

What will I do?  Swim in Lake Michigan and attempt to climb the sand dunes, fish on the lake that Hemingway once fished – yup, the Papa spent his childhood summers in northern Michigan too, and celebrate Father’s Day with my dad (hi Dad!).  And maybe I’ll take some pictures of the stunning sunsets over the lake to share.  Granted, the reason they are so gorgeous probably has something to do with how polluted the Great Lakes are, but at least it’s not Lake Erie. 

Have an excellent weekend and come back Monday!