Hell yes.  Finally the U.S. has managed a seriously impressive soccer/football/futbol victory.  As much as I enjoy watching La Furia Roja, I gotta give it up for Team USA.

Check out the full story at ESPN.com.

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It is truly the most wonderful time of the year: college football and Spain’s La Liga both start play this weekend, and next weekend the NFL begins its season as well. And my beloved Notre Dame Fighting Irish take the field a week from Saturday.

Let’s go Irish!

Viva La Furia Roja!

July 1, 2008

As every futbol fan already knows, Spain took the Euro trophy yesterday, ending a long dry spell of international victories for la Furia Roja.

In other news, Sergio Ramos was one class act during the celebration.

At Camp Nou

April 21, 2008

My brother and at FC Barcelona's Camp Nou

Although American football will always be my first sports love, the sport that the rest of the world calls football/futbol is catching up, especially after attending two La Liga games in Spain (Real Madrid vs. Sevilla and FC Barcelona vs. Valladolid).  The atmosphere is akin to a college football rivalry game – it’s amazing how passionate the fans are.


As some of you may already know, the New England Patriots already had a book dedicated to their undefeated season ready to go – here’s the cached page on Amazon.  I hope the poor writer(s) at least got paid well for their efforts.

Here’s the cover on ballhype, where someone had the foresight to save the image.

Yeah, the Patriots are easy shot, but seriously – they had this book almost ready to go.  That’s not planning ahead, that’s being ridiculously over-confident.  Granted, they are far from the first team to do it (the Pats themselves used Philly’s premature post-win plans to get fired up to beat them), but counting one’s superbowl wins before they are clinched doesn’t work out well.

But really, the Giants are the ones to congratulate – not only did they make the Pats see the error of their overly optimistic ways, they refused to be intimidated and straight-up outplayed them.  And let’s watch this Manning to Tyree play again:

That catch is so amazing that it’s too unrealistic to be in a video game.

Well, that entire game was surprising.  I’m a not a major fan of either team, but the Giants just straight-up outplayed the Patriots.  Well done – and proof that defense does indeed win championships.  That was one of the best football games I’ve seen in a long time.

Also, it was proof that karma is indeed a bitch.  And Belichick storming out before the game was completely over was very classy as well.

Touchdown Jesus Wept

November 11, 2007

Could Notre Dame football get any more dismal?  Technically, they could, by losing their last two games.  It seems that the fight has gone out of the Irish this season.  I wonder if it makes me a bad alum if I sort of hope that they do lose, the powers that be at ND buy out Weis’s contract, and they hire some nobody who returns them to glory.  It could be like Rudy, but with coaches!

Yes, I’m predicting that the beleagered Irish and their loyal fans will get a much needed repreive this week – Notre Dame is not going to lose.  Charlie Weis will not be playing musical quarterbacks in hopes of sparking some offense, and the worn-out defense will not have to spend the entire game attempting to hold off the inevitable.  Touchdown Jesus will not have to avert his eyes in shame.

Touchdown Jesus at the University of Notre dame

How do I know that this will be one week in which the ND faithful won’t be embarrassed?

The Fighting Irish have a bye.