As a whole, humankind appreciates beautiful things. People have been creating art of some kind throughout all of recorded history, and probably before then too (art being defined as drawings, paintings, film, performances, photographs, writing, music, well-designed objects, and more – art itself is a subjective word). It’s in our fundamental nature. But there’s also a certain disregard for things that don’t result in direct dollars in the marketing community (and other industries as well).

Plus, sometimes art and general creative expression is a means to an end in and of itself.

Art can…

Spark Some Inspiration. Sometimes all it takes is the right image, video, quote, or song to flip that switch in your brain.

A Sense Of Joy. There is a unique form of happiness in seeing, reading, or hearing something beautiful – especially if it is unexpected. This why elegant design and public artwork and performances are so important – but that is a subject for another post.

Beauty In The Mundane. The day you can’t find some kind of beauty in elegantly designed minor details is the day you might as well be dead.

Change Your Mood. Sometimes all it takes is seeing some cool graffiti, a well designed ad, hearing a remarkable song or reading a passage or two from your favorite book – or a book that will become a new favorite – to completely alter your mindset.

Become A Personal Talisman. A piece of art that really speaks to you can become a good luck charm, spiritual guidepost, or any other sort of symbol.

Serve As A Signal. You can tell a lot about someone from the types of art they enjoy and appreciate – as well as how they react to new concepts and ideas. (PS. Some unsolicited advice from me to you – don’t trust anyone who immediately discounts or insults any type of art simply because its not their taste or they don’t get it).

*Note: This post was partially inspired by a recent Gaping Void email.