Out of the Ordinary Eats: Bizarre Foods

June 16, 2008

“Part of the secret of success in life to eat what you want and let the food fight it out inside.”

                                                                                                – Mark Twain

I’m working on a recently assigned piece about bizarre things I’ve eaten.  Now, I’ve never considered myself an incredibly adventurous foodie type, however, now that I write it out, I’ve eaten some strange, strange things.  For instance, sea cucumber, huge prawns/gambas with the heads and feelers still on, and various other creatures of the deep; a variety of small birds including pigeon (Americans usually think this one is weird), goat (I found it tasty but again, most Americans find this one weird), and assorted offal like tripe, sweetbreads, and even an eyeball (in order to win a bet).  I also thoroughly enjoy morcilla and most blood sausage, which is one more thing that my fellow Americans find odd at best.

Despite the fact that I’ve definitely eaten some sketchy street food in places where doing so is probably…ill-advised, I’ve never had any ill effects.  Of course, many of the things Westerner types think of as bizarre (e.g. goat) are perfectly normal or considered treats in other parts of the world, but really, I’m starting to understand why I got this assignment.

So, what are the oddest things you’ve eaten?


One Response to “Out of the Ordinary Eats: Bizarre Foods”

  1. John Osorio said

    Yes, our fellow Americans seem to be grossed out by just about any you cant find on an Olive Garden or Ruby Tuesdays menu, and yet they still love to devour McDonald’s. I’ll never understand it.

    I am actually a HUGE foodie so the list of “bizzare” things that I have eaten is a little lengthy but just to list a few: I too enjoy blood sausage, have eaten “rocky mountain oysters” (bull testicles), and garlic ice cream.

    My blog lists a few more if you would like to check it out. Great Post!

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