Legos Are For Everyone

March 6, 2008

I’ll be the first to admit that I was a nerdy kid who loved to read; in addition, I was also a huge fan of Legos.  My brothers and I could spend hours building elaborate castles and pirate ships and space stations; then we would spend more time playing “war” and destroying them, only to start over the next day with even more fantastic creations.  In fact, I’d probably still play with Legos if I had the chance (and not the candy pink ones either).

Lego Castle picture

That is why this article kind of surprised me – apparently, the powers that be over at Lego corporation are trying to market to girls.  As Chief Executive Jorgen V. Knudstorp says, “There is something about the idea of constructing and deconstructing or destroying which frankly is an important part of Lego play that is a very boys-type of activity.”  Now, either this was taken completely out of context, or he is completely discounting a whole bunch of creative girls here.  More from the article:

“Girls are an area where “we’ll never stop trying,” Knudstorp, who joined the family-owned firm in 2001 from consultancy McKinsey & Company, told Reuters.

“I think there is something that genetically skews us towards boys, but we can do better.”

To win girls over Lego — whose iconic plastic bricks have entertained children and wounded unwary barefoot parents since the late 1940s — is working to change its mindset, and taking its bid for their custom online.”

Now, the online lego world actually does sound kind of awesome, but the optimistic side of me hopes that this article was more of a bid for publicity than anything else; sort of a “you say girls don’t play with legos!  We’ll show you!” kind of thing. 

Found via Jezebel, where the piece got 200 comments in a few hours, mostly from girls who loved Legos.

*I just discoved they now have Indiana Jones legos.  DO want!


2 Responses to “Legos Are For Everyone”

  1. Bill said

    Now THAT is a lego set. Holy Cow!

  2. I had already started playing Lego when I was young and I feel that I am quite lucky to have them to be able to play them, its a blessing. I still keep my lego sets till today. They are worth keeping! Nice Lego picture there, must be huge. Lego is for all ages not only to childrens, let Lego live on for many!

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