Getting A Little Ahead of Themselves…

February 4, 2008

As some of you may already know, the New England Patriots already had a book dedicated to their undefeated season ready to go – here’s the cached page on Amazon.  I hope the poor writer(s) at least got paid well for their efforts.

Here’s the cover on ballhype, where someone had the foresight to save the image.

Yeah, the Patriots are easy shot, but seriously – they had this book almost ready to go.  That’s not planning ahead, that’s being ridiculously over-confident.  Granted, they are far from the first team to do it (the Pats themselves used Philly’s premature post-win plans to get fired up to beat them), but counting one’s superbowl wins before they are clinched doesn’t work out well.

But really, the Giants are the ones to congratulate – not only did they make the Pats see the error of their overly optimistic ways, they refused to be intimidated and straight-up outplayed them.  And let’s watch this Manning to Tyree play again:

That catch is so amazing that it’s too unrealistic to be in a video game.


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