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February 1, 2008

Congratulations to Jessica Valenti and the other Feministing bloggers for their very complimentary mention in the New York Times today, in an article about the lack of unity among feminists, and women in general.  Here’s a key quote:

“That’s part of why she believes the future of feminism lies in online activism, not old-school organizations. Young women today don’t need “the iconic leadership of a NOW or a Gloria Steinem,” she said. With online communities like her own, women have access to vast clearinghouses for information, support, even consciousness-raising. “We have each other,” Ms. Valenti said, “and that’s pretty important.”

It also touches on the 2008 election – and how there is a general feeling that if you don’t support Hillary, you are not a good feminist.  I don’ t think I even need to explain how ridiculous that is, but seriously, supporting Hillary just because she’s a woman isn’t being a good feminist, it is being an ill-prepared, uniformed voter.  Vote for the person and their future plans, stances on issues, and everything else that is actually relevant, not for their gender (or their race, now that I mention it), please.   


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  3. Jacqueline Zenn said

    On second thought, irrelevant trolls don’t get airtime on my blog.

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    On second thought, feeding trolls is pointless.

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    And trolls don’t get links to their blog on my blog either.

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    And in the interests of not feeding the trolls anymore, I’m closing comments on this post. dnxx1, take your issues with Feministing over there.

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