Congratulations, Donors Choose!

January 23, 2008

On a more positive note – won a Crunchie award for “most likely to make the world a better place”.  Congratulations to them!

Their mission: is dedicated to addressing the scarcity and inequitable distribution of learning materials and experiences in our public schools. We believe this inequity is rooted in the following factors:

  1. Shortages of learning materials prevent thorough, engaging instruction;
  2. Top-down distribution of materials stifles our best teachers and discourages them from developing targeted solutions for their students; and
  3. Small, directed contributions have gone un-tapped as a source of funding. will improve public education by engaging citizens in an online marketplace where teachers describe and individuals can fund specific student projects. We envision a nation where students in every community have the resources they need to learn.

Think micro-lending a la but with U.S. public schools.  There are tons of different projects available that cover all subjects from art to science, and grade levels from K-12 – and if you live in the U.S., chances are there are local schools you can help fund.


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