Seemingly Sexist?

January 11, 2008

Is anyone else getting really sick of the way that the Clinton campaign is being covered?  Now, I was expecting a certain amount of “wow, this is first time a woman has been a serious presidental contender” and hey, it is an historic event, but seriously, stuff like this has to stop.

Also, how were the protesters yelling “iron my shirt” anything but straight up sexist?  Yes, it was all kind of ridiculous and silly, but the underlying meaning was was clear.  To some people, the concept of a woman being elected to this country’s highest office is a joke.  Call me a humorless feminist if you want, but I’m not laughing. 


One Response to “Seemingly Sexist?”

  1. Allen said

    “Iron my shirt”? Wow. I’m a black man living in the south, so I really shouldn’t be too surprised but I’m speechless.

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