Hilary Clinton’s “Moment”: Big Freaking Deal.

January 9, 2008

Stop the presses!  Hilary Clinton has dared to show some emotion!  Big news!

Is it just me, or this just not that big of a story?  So she got a little choked up during her speech.  Who hasn’t done that when speaking about something they are passionate about?  Big freaking deal.  However, judging from the press coverage that “the moment” got, apparently this was the biggest story of the day in New Hampshire.

Honestly, I’m not Hilary’s biggest fan.  But it bothers me that this completely normal display of emotion is being reported on as a crack in her facade, or as some of kind of breakdown or a reason why she wouldn’t be a good president.  When the men cry, it is looked upon as a sign of courage in the face of difficulty, or as a way of showing their compassionate side.  When a woman displays any kind of emotion or passion, however, she is damned if she does (breakdown! Women are the weaker sex!  We need strength and resolve in the White House!) and damned if she doesn’t (Hilary is cold, calculating, and ball-busting bitch, etc.). 

It’s fitting that this editorial by Gloria Steinem about sexism is indeed still a huge factor ran in the Times today – and like Hilary herself said “the remnants of sexism are alive and well“. 

Update: Hilary’s “moment” is also being credited as a reason she won (the robot is human! yay!).  That’s nice.  Shouldn’t we be voting on based on candidates’ policies and stances on key issues, not on how personally likeable we find them to be?


3 Responses to “Hilary Clinton’s “Moment”: Big Freaking Deal.”

  1. tiaraisageek said

    Thank you! This is exactly how I feel about the issue and no one else seems to understand that. There is such a double standard about emotion in politics that it makes me sick. At least I know that I’m not alone in this.

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