What Do You Crave: Cookthink Has The Answer

December 6, 2007

Now I’m not especially skillful in the kitchen, but I think this website is pretty cool.  Cookthink helps you figure out the perfect meal and discover new dishes through their Recipe Mapping Project – from their website:

“When you’re craving something to eat, what is it that you really want? Do you want a specific ingredient? Do you want a particular dish or the flavors of a certain cuisine? Do you want to feel a certain way?

Every recipe is made up of all these things. At Cookthink, we created the Recipe Mapping Project to figure out all the little bits and pieces that go into making a good recipe.

We break down the components of each recipe, analyzing dozens of characteristics about what goes into a dish — what it tastes like, smells like, feels like, and how it makes you feel to eat it.

You can tap into this process when you use the “cookthink it” tool to search by ingredient (pork chop, zucchini), dish type (salad, burrito) cuisine (Italian, Thai) and mood (exuberant, summery). When you “cookthink it,” we take what you’re craving and compare it to all of our recipes, returning the one recipe that best fits what you’re looking for.”

They also have an excellent blog and a newsletter, the Root Source, that examines a particular ingredient closely and offers a variety of recipes that use it.  My two favorite things about the site?  For one, they haven’t fallen into that overly precious trap that many foodie sites do – it is very accessible even if you’re not exactly a gourmet.  Second, they have lots of different suggestions from a variety of global cuisines (why not travel the world at your table?).  So check it out – and hey, who knows, you may end up cooking more and/or better food.


3 Responses to “What Do You Crave: Cookthink Has The Answer”

  1. rome said

    It sounds very interesting and different….I am no good cook but I do like eating so a different point of view on food, maybe a bit more psychological, could help boost my curiosity. I will try!!

  2. rome said

    Interesting!! Especially for somebody who is not a good cook like myself unfortunately. Could be a challenge to approach cooking from this psychological point of view.

  3. […] of the great press Cookthink’s been getting lately. • Springwise picked us up, thanks to Jacqueline Zenn: “Take high-quality content, add a dash of searchability and a dollop of personalization, and […]

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