Kiva Rocks

November 28, 2007

You’ve probably heard of Kiva by now – the microloan site that lets anyone become a lender, but if you haven’t, Stanford Magazine has an excellent article about the non-profit and it’s history.  A choice quote:

“As CNN noted in a report last year, “If you’ve got 25 bucks, a PC and a PayPal account, you’ve now got the wherewithal to be an international financier.” When you press the “pay” button, the site rolls over to PayPal—just as eBay does—and you never have to open your checkbook or wallet.”

However, entrepreneurs can also learn from Kiva, as Guy Kawasaki says.  Check out his “Six Lessons of Kiva“.

It’s kind of fitting that Kiva’s popping up on the media radar again right about holiday shopping season – perhaps we should encourage each other to become “international micro-financiers” instead of or along with splurging on gifts.


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