Was Miss Teen South Carolina Right?

November 25, 2007

So when Miss Teen South Carolina talked about Americans needing more maps, people mocked her and well, you probably know what a viral sensation that video clip became.  But although she wasn’t the most articulate speaker ever, she was kind of right – most Americans probably can’t find “the Iraq” on a map anyways.

While knowing the capital of Azerbaijan probably isn’t very important to most peoples’ daily lives, a certain amount of awareness of the world around you is; it’s not about simply memorizing facts – having an understanding of the world and its varied cultures is key to becoming a well-rounded, open-minded person.  After all, people tend to fear what they don’t understand and all that.

Getting to the point – the very existence of this geography series in the Chicago Tribune is telling, and a little sad*.  I guess it’s better than nothing, however.


*By the way, I got all the questions right – but I’m a nerd when it comes to such things.  I even won the National Geography Bee in elementary school (in fact, I remember that the winning answer was “the former nation of Czechoslovakia”, but I have no idea what the question was).

**Perhaps the Geosense game should be publicized more – it’s a great way to kill a couple spare minutes and you learn geography as you go.  If any of you play, my name on there is Jazspin.


One Response to “Was Miss Teen South Carolina Right?”

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