The New York Times, Remixed

October 22, 2007

Dave Winer’snews river” is pretty cool.

One of the best things about blogs is how they are published in reverse chronological order – they’re all organized the same way and easy to digest (especially when you’re using RSS).  However, traditional news outlets don’t always deliver their content in the same neatly packaged way; thus, the creation of the NY Times news river.

I like what Om Malik has to say about it:

“Winer likes to call his new experiment a “river,” but I prefer to call it real simple navigation. Using The New York Times’ taxonomy, he has come up with an example that allows you to easily find the latest news from the Times’ vast media machine.”

 As Om and others have pointed out, this would be an excellent way to organize news and other content for mobile devices as well.


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