Power Shift: Creativity and the Masters of the Universe

October 5, 2007

Read Write Web contributor Bernard Lunn (who I tend to agree with in general) says that creative types are the new “masters of the universe”.

The internet is breaking down walls that used to exist between artists, musicians, writers, and other creative people and the public – they no longer require publishers, record labels, and other businesses to interact directly with their potential audience.

And I quote:

 “I was going to just say “entrepreneurs”, but it is broader than that. Creative people – whether they are developers, musicians, actors, scientists, writers or (insert creative type that I have annoyed by omitting) – are the next Masters of the Universe. Entrepreneurs who tap the rise of the creative class will do well, but the trend is a deeper one that makes creative people into entrepreneurs.

This has huge disruptive and destructive implications for big companies which today act as the toll booths, through which creativity has to pass.”

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3 Responses to “Power Shift: Creativity and the Masters of the Universe”

  1. I love that we are the new masters of the universe. Yep, you and me, too. It’s so democratic!

  2. Paris Parfait said

    Fascinating stuff. I think there’s something to that as the internet changes the way we do business. But as a creative person, I don’t want to deal with the business side of things. I need to spend my time writing, rather than worrying about accounts, sales, etc. I know there are many creative people who are equally savvy when it comes to business, but I’m not one of them!

  3. Jacqueline Zenn said

    The internet definitely “disrupted” a lot of the traditional ways business is done (although I find it hard to really understand how much sometimes, because I’m the same age as the web).

    Cheers to being in a “creative” field!

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