Introducing 3Luxe: “Simply Find the Best of Everything”

October 3, 2007

I’ve posted about all the shopping and fashion related websites and search engines that are popping up all over the place before, but here’s one that’s truly unique.  3Luxe aims to separate the wheat from the chaff and to simplify shopping by presenting the best three items in each of their product categories (which range from designer handbags to motorcycles to laptops, so there really is something for everyone).  There is even a high end travel section, which is definitely a departure from the majority of shopping sites.

The founders of 3Luxe created it because many search engines, even the ones dedicated to shopping, deliver an overwhelming number of results – and well, sometimes, you just want to know which item is the best.  After all, we don’t all have time to do tons of research for everything we buy, so 3Luxe does it for you.

So how do products get listed?

“At 3LUXE, we do the research for you and we limit our results to the three things that we identify as the “Best Ofs” in each category. If you’re looking for the “Best Of” digital cameras, we give you the three best options, not millions of search results. And while our reviews are certainly subjective (we have real people actually researching the products, not algorithms), they are also completely objective in that no one can buy their way onto the list.”

Think of this site at the Neiman Marcus or the Bergdorf Goodman of shopping websites – only the finest brands and products are featured, and clearly, the focus is on luxury.

At first glance, 3Luxe may seem like it’s a website for the elite few who can afford the best of the best at all times, however, that’s not quite the case.  Think about it – doesn’t everything have something that they splurge on?  Whether it is the perfect pair of jeans or a high end espresso machine, we’ve all got our something.  While you may not be interested in every section of 3luxe, chances are at least a couple of them will catch your eye.

There is also a social/product review aspect to the site – you can create an account and “luxe it or leave it” with their selections, along with leaving comments about the choices and submitting your own reviews.  Of course, they have a blog as well (what website doesn’t nowadays?).  Check it out next time you want immediate answers – and/or when you’re in the mood to splurge.

*On a personal note, I’ve got to say that their beer selections are top notch, particularly the delicious Shakespeare Stout (I’m a beer snob – I blame visiting Germany in high school, where even the cheap beer is far superior to most commonly available American brews.  When your first beer experiences consist of the finest Munich has to offer, Bud Light isn’t very appealing). 


2 Responses to “Introducing 3Luxe: “Simply Find the Best of Everything””

  1. […] up with personalized searches, or they offer search results created by humans, not algorithms.  I’ve previously written about 3Luxe (and so did social media blog Mashable), and you might be familiar with Jason […]

  2. music said

    very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

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