Now Everybody From the 313…

September 30, 2007

It’s not a good year to be a Bears fan, what with the quarterback situation and all.  Although Devin Hester is ridiculously entertaining to watch, and my hometown team (that’s the Lions – I’m originally from Detroit) is showing more promise this season than they have in the past couple years.

It’s definitely not a good year to be an Irish fan.  Touchdown Jesus is weeping.

I think I’m just going to repeat “it’s a rebuilding year” like a mantra till the season is over, and hope that this year’s dismal performance will make for a good recruiting season (because the new players will think they can come in and make a difference right away, and hey, they probably can). 

Lest you call me a fairweather fan, I still believe that the Irish will return to glory.  Just not in the next two or three years. 


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