Yet Another Why Writers Should Blog: Cutting Out the Middleman

September 17, 2007

Marketing Guru Seth Godin has posted yet another argument for writers (or really, anyone who has something to say, share, or promote):

“Bloggers around the world are discovering that it’s cheaper and faster and more effective to build their own media channel than it is to waste time arguing with the old ones.”

As someone who blogs along with writing for web as well as print, I’ve got to say there is something really refreshing about cutting out the middle man, as Seth says in his article on Sweet Spot Marketing.   I can get my opinions and views across without having to adopt the voice/style of a particular publications or tailor my writing to the editor’s needs – blogging allows me freedom to write whatever I want and share it with the world, so I don’t feel trapped when I do write for other outlets – I can express myself through my blog.  It’s kind of freeing. 

I’ve actually had a conversation with an editor about feeling confined within style guidelines.  Apparently, other writers they had worked with had trouble with style required because they didn’t get to put their own spin on the piece (this pub has a very distinct, defined voice), but I realized that in my case, I already have plenty of opportunties to express myself with my blogs, so the constraints didn’t bother me (I’d never even thought about this until the editor mentioned it, actually).  Yet one more example of the myriad benefits that blogging has for writers. 


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