Fashion in the Sims, Second Life and Frillr

September 9, 2007

I know I’ve been talking about fashion and shopping on the web lately, so I thought I’d point out an interesting post about fashion in the Sims (the computer game where you create and control your “sims” or simulated people) – Fashion goes really high tech (it’s also posted here).  She mentions that fast-fashion chain H&M is offering virtual versions of their clothes for Sims to wear, and that computer games could prove to be an excellent testing ground for retailers.  Of course, she mentions that Second Life could be even better for this – it’s much cheaper than actually producing garments, and new designers could use it to build buzz and gain a following as well.

This article was first posted on Frillr, which is a fashion community that I neglected to mention in my previous list (hey, I never said it was exhaustive).  It’s a grouping of blogs that provides a mix of “fashion news, fashion gossip, and fashion show coverage”.  Users can join and submit their own content, talk in the forums, post classified ads for coveted items, and more.  I’m not really thrilled with their navigation or the way content is displayed, but there is some good stuff there (for instance, the aforementioned article). 


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  1. Oh the same thing… I get it, thanks

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