Shopping 2.0: MyShopPal, An Intelligent Shopping Search Engine

August 23, 2007

Are you sick of searching for the perfect thing when shopping online and want to speed up the process? Spend some time filling out a detailed profile on, an intelligent search engine for online shoppers, and get search results targeted to your taste. It’s like having a helpful personal shopper on hand to guide you through the etailer maze!

In their own words:
We are delighted to present MyShopPal to help you find what is right for you in five important product categories: clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry & watches, and health & beauty. Please create your profile and experience how shopping online is supposed to be.
The heart of our technology is our intelligent shopping engine that calculates your personal score for every product. The personal score takes into consideration the attractiveness of products for you, your personal style and preferences, fashion and technology trends, and product reviews. We call this personalized score, a FAP (Fashion, Attractiveness, and Preferences) score. Our shopping engine automatically sifts through millions of the products and their reviews looking for products which have high FAP score for you.

What’s a FAP score, you ask?
It’s a customized “Fashion, Attractiveness, and Preferences” score assigned to each product – the personal score takes into consideration the attractiveness of products for you, your personal style and preferences, fashion and technology trends, and product reviews.
You can get started with MyShopPal by creating a profile, which does take a bit of time, I’ll admit (you have to fill it out completely to get the best results), but it pays off – I created one and did a few trial searches, and I was very impressed by the results.
My sample search terms were pretty non-specific – for instance, “black leather boots”, which covers everything from Doc Martins to Manolo Blahniks. However, my results were most definitely tailored to my tastes, as they included stunning, sophisticated boots by the likes of Sergio Rossi, Michael Kors and Via Spiga.

Another search for “wrap dress” garnered frocks by Tocca, Ralph Lauren, Vivienne Tam, and of course, wrap dress maestro Diane Von Furstenberg. MyShopPal also lets users refine searches in all sorts of ways, from sleeve length to washing instructions (helpful for people who hate to get things dry-cleaned).
They even have a very active blog about online shopping – today’s post about the future of online shopping is interesting (of course, MyShopPal is positioned at the center, but they do make a good point). Here’s another good post about how their FAP scores streamline the jewelry shopping process. The site also features reviews of products and you can create a friend list and share products, tips, and deals with each other.
The verdict: Fabulously helpful for anyone who shops or even browses online on a regular basis (I can’t be the only one who does “research” online prior to a shopping trip, can I?).

Edit: If anyone joins and wants to friend me, my user name is Jazspin.

Cross-posted on my fashion blog (because I’m pretty sure the two have very different readerships).


3 Responses to “Shopping 2.0: MyShopPal, An Intelligent Shopping Search Engine”

  1. valerie said

    Sounds awesome – I’ll be sure to check it out!

  2. Carroll Emma said

    Just checked the website. Really neat. I was really amazed at the recommedations. A must see for the online shopper.

  3. […] 2nd, 2007 A while ago I posted about MyShopPal, and how the internet has irrevocably changed the retail business.  From the early days […]

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