Something That Makes Me Happy

August 14, 2007

The other day I noticed something that I thought was kind of awesome – I’m quoted in the media kit for what is possibly my favorite site, Jezebel (and it’s definitely my favorite fashion-related site – I like it better than the ones I actually write for.  Hmmm, clearly changes need to be made here – maybe they need a Chicago correspondent?  We’re not quite the center of the media universe that NYC is, but we do have a Modern Luxury rag and they’re an easy target). 

The quote is from my fashion blog, the Fashionable Kiffen.  Seriously, though, I’m kind of honored.  I kind of love those bitches, and I like knowing that there are awesome, clever, intelligent, insert-flattering-adjective-here women writers/bloggers out there.  Also, that there are other women in my general age range that don’t think “feminist” is an insult (seriously, though – since when did feminism become a dirty word?  A topic for another post.) 

Although between Jezebel and Deadspin, Gawker Media’s sports site (yes, I’m an equal fan of both and I’m aware that might be a little odd), I have plenty of reasons to procrastinate.  Excellent.


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