Making the Internet a Cuter Place: Lolcats

August 2, 2007

It’s no secret that I’m very amused by lolcats, especially I’m a bit of a cat person (people who know me in real life are probably going “A bit of a cat person?  That’s the understatement of the year”).  Judging by the amount of traffic that sites like I can has cheezburger get though, I’m clearly not the only one. 

Which is why I was so amused when this was brought to my attention.  Anil Dash, blogger extraordinaire (link to his bio) wrote about the lolcat phenomenon, including some of the history, grammar rules (yes, as he writes, it is possible to get cat speak wrong), and preferred nomenclature.  There’s lots of interesting comments too.

Lolcats are even getting attention from the mainstream media – Time wrote about this particular meme a couple weeks ago.  For some reason, I find it awesome that people take Lolcats so seriously.  The sheer popularity of lolcats (and other memes) is a funny reminder that for every person using the net to change their world, there just as many captioning cat pictures.*

A picture is worth a thousand words:


Yes, I made it myself for the purposes of this post at the LoLbuildr.

*I’m not knocking people who caption cat pictures – I think people who create particularly awesome lolcats should get some kind of reward, actually, because they are hilarious.  And um, I am one of those cat picture-captioning people.


One Response to “Making the Internet a Cuter Place: Lolcats”

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