Happy Birthday to Me!

July 27, 2007

Tomorrow is my birthday (I’ll be 24), and I plan to celebrate by eating delicious but fattening food and drinking delicious but fattening beer.  Hey, I might as well indulge before my metabolism drops off. 

On an unrelated note – Who in their right mind would consider USC to be the greatest college football team of all time?  Yes, they’re a current powerhouse, but the greatest ever?  Maybe if you only look at the past decade or so of college football.  I know that we Domers like to hate on USC and that Notre Dame football sort of fails right now, but seriously, when it comes to down to history, legend, and yes, statistics, USC is not the greatest of all time.  This doesn’t just apply to ND-USC, but Michigan, Alabama, Texas, Ole Miss, and many, many more all have much more storied programs than USC. 

Anyways, there are only 34 more days until college football season starts – this makes me happy.  Expect a few more obnoxiously optimistic posts on the state of the Fighting Irish, but I’ll try to keep the football talk here to a minimum.


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