Virtual Society

July 24, 2007

I found this essay A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy by Clay Shirky via the Gaping Void this morning -granted, it’s from 2003, but it’s still pretty relevant to one of today’s hot topics, social media. 

Clay’s thoughts on the more sociological aspects of social media (as opposed the technical – whoa-new-shiny-object-here! coverage that seems to make up the majority of social media news, posts, and articles) and creating new social software were especially interesting to me because I work with a company that’s developing new social platforms, and also in relation to this Seth Godin post “Jobs of the Future, #1: Online Community Organizer“, which focuses on the people that make up social media networks, and in particular, the leaders that draw them there. 

More thoughts on virtual communities, their parallels in real life, and online leadership, early adopters, and related topics later.


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