Blog For a Cause

July 8, 2007

A Malaysian blogger named Idham has agreed to donate RM 127 (about $37 USD according to to the Darul Izzah Orphanage every time a blogger completes this meme (go comment on his blog to let him know you did it).  I’m not typically a fan of memes, but this one is pretty cool and it’s for a good cause.

1.  A person is only as good as….their actions.

2.  Friendship is always…a beautiful thing.

3.  To love is to…put someone else before yourself.

4.  Money makes me…appreciate what it can accomplish.

5.  I miss…watching football games from the student section in Notre Dame’s stadium.

6.  My way of saying I care is by…helping people (and animals) in some way, shape, or form.

7.  I try to spread love and happiness by…smiling and simply being nice to people.  Being a bitch/jerk/generally unpleasant may have short term benefits but karma will get you in the long run.

8.  Pick the flowers when…leave them in the ground so that others can enjoy them.

9.  To love someone is…to forgive them.

10.  Beauty is…that first spark of a creative new idea.

11.  When I was thirteen, what I remember most was…figure skating a lot (I used to compete) and doing lots of insanely elaborate projects for my social studies class.  Also, my family had just gotten an internet connection (remember the days of dial-up?) so I was pretty obsessed with that.

12.  When I was twenty-one, I remember…still not knowing what I wanted to be when I grew up. 

13.  I am most happy when…I am learning.

14.  Nothing makes me happier than…innovation.

15.  If I could change one thing, I would change…Are we talking about anything in the world?  Could I somehow snap my fingers and eliminate all racial, ethnic, cultural, and religious prejudice?  Cause that would be cool.

16.  If smiles were…musical notes, then I would have an entire symphony.

17.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could…always assume that everyone has good intentions? 

18.  If you want…to change the world, then you have to…start with yourself.

19.  Money is not everything but…it sure is nice.  And it can accomplish a lot of good in the right hands.

20.  The most touching moment I have experienced is…it sounds horribly cheesy, but the first time the cat I rescued from an animal shelter (he’d been there for more than a year, was covered in mats and tried to bite anyone who got near him) sat on my lap and purred.  I’d taught an abused critter to trust people again!  Crap, I am becoming a cat blogger.

21.  I smile when…all the time, even in inappropriate situations.  I find many things funny.

22.  When I am happy, I…tell everyone why.

23.  If only I didn’t have to…sleep once in a while, then…I could accomplish even more.

24.  The best thing I did yesterday wascompliment others.  A properly deployed compliment has more power than many realize.

25.  If I ever write a book, I will give it this title…putting me on the spot here – I’ll use my blog’s title, Chasing the Southern Cross (explanation here).

26.  One thing I must do before I die isheli-skiing.  Because jumping out of a helicopter onto untracked snow high in the mountains is awesome.

27.  Doing this meme, I feel like…realizing that I’m kind of a hippie, but in the overly idealistic, let’s all be happy and help one another way, not in the unwashed acid-tripping way.

*I found this meme through Oh for the love of me – thanks!


2 Responses to “Blog For a Cause”

  1. […] A Malaysian blogger named Idham has agreed to donate RM 127 (about $37 USD according to to the Darul Read full story… […]

  2. Tine said

    A bit late, I know, but thanks for doing the meme 🙂

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