A Few Cool Things…and Lots of Links

July 7, 2007

1.  Doc Searls himself linked to my post in reponse to his interview on Shel Israel’s blog – The Flattening of the Earth and the Live Web.  Very cool, especially I wasn’t attempting to write the post as linkbait; I just wanted to organize and share my thoughts about a very interesting topic and the only place it really fit was on my personal blog.  I did mention the “live web vs. static web” topic on a different site, but the rest of it didn’t really fit on a site that is geared towards teaching others how to join the blogosphere/social media/web 2.0 world. 

2.  My post on branding your blog was included in ChrisG on New Media’s branding round-up.  He’s also recently created an excellent forum, so if you’re a blogger or aspiring blogger, so go check it out (my handle on there is Jazspin, so say hi!).

3.  Random but funny – the Copyblogger (also a valuable resource for anyone who blogs or writes) called Twitter the “Revenge of the Cat Blogger” in his recent post Blogging is Dead (Long Live Value Blogging).  At the risk of sounding like tool, I actually laughed out loud at that, and then cringed because I believe I’ve mentioned my cat on this blog before, but only once.  Crap, I’ve just made it twice.  Anyways, I’m not a fan of Twitter either, mainly because no one cares what I’ve had for lunch.


4 Responses to “A Few Cool Things…and Lots of Links”

  1. […] 1. Doc Searls himselflinked to my post in reponse to his interview on Shel Israel’s blog – The Flattening of Read full story… […]

  2. Jaqueline, the best way to get lots of links has always been to add some interesting new input to an interesting conversation. Thanks for doing that.

  3. Two blogs. Egad, how do you manage?!

  4. Jacqueline Zenn said

    @Shel – you’re welcome – and thanks for sharing so many excellent interviews and insights yourself.

    @Maryam – it’s part of my job :).

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