On Being A Leo: It’s Awesome

July 1, 2007

I tend to find astrology intriguing, but I don’t check my horoscope everyday and I don’t usually ask people their signs unless it comes up in a conversation naturally (although I will generally make note of it when I find out people’s birthdays).  It’s more of an “oh, isn’t that interesting” thing than anything else.  And I do like to check the Nerve weekly horoscopes, but those are more for entertainment value than anything truly useful.

I’ve had my chart done, mainly out of curiosity.  My sun is in Leo (perhaps this explains my affinity for cats of all kinds?), my moon is in Pisces, and my ascendant is in Aries.  I found the whole thing to be fairly accurate, really, but many of “my” traits were vague enough to apply to anyone.  From reading the other Sunday Scribblings posts, I’ve found this site that details the characteristics of a Leo (my comments are in red):

“The Sun is your ruling planet Leo. Of course the Sun is not really a planet; it is the centre of our solar system. And, as above, so below! You shine as brightly as the Golden globe because you reflect the characteristics of the heavenly body that rules your star sign!
You too are a ball of dynamic energy. You are warm, bright and self-motivated, and you want to make an impression in everything you do — your work, your love life and your social life.

Because you are extremely generous, you expect others to be just as big-hearted. So when you see others holding back, you find it hard to not jump in and try to change that. You want to see everyone giving to the best of their ability. (this is true – I just want everyone to succeed and be happy!)  To other people, you can look like a bit of a tyrant, asking for more than they can give.

When you are feeling upbeat, you carry people away with your energy, and they love you for it. You love sharing your joys and successes with the people you love, and when you do, you are magnanimous — you never give a thought to getting anything in return. There are few star signs who really understand the nature of giving, but Leo seems to have perfected the art. (I hope this is true – I think I’m pretty generous, especially with my time, and hey, I’m a big tipper even when completely broke)

You also have a great sense of timing. When you offer a friendly word or gesture of encouragement, you pick the exact moment when it will have greatest impact. (not sure about this one – there are definitely times when I don’t know what to say) You always seem to be in the right place at the right time. You’re lucky this way. (I have been lucky in terms of opportunities I’ve had, but I’ve always felt that “the harder I work, the luckier I am)

Try to remember that your strong sense of self can be misinterpreted by others — understatement could sometimes be a more effective way for you to show your loyalty and express your generosity. (understatement?  What’s that?)
Some people think you are a show-off, but this too is a mistake. Your dramatic flair is part and parcel of your zest for life, your love of people and your optimism. For you, life is a stage on which you can perform and express your talents.  (This is definitely true – I used to be a competitive figure skater – I LOVED to perform and hammed it up to the point of obnoxiousness.  I also participated in debate and Model UN (yes, I’m a nerd) and thoroughly enjoyed speaking and arguing on the podium). 

You may not be a performer on the entertainment stage, but Mick Jagger, a Leo, is, and he is a very good example of the strutting, egotistical nature of Leo. Mick exudes charisma, creativity and a personal style all his own. Not only that, but he has embedded his brand name as No. 1 in the rock industry, decade after decade. On the stage of life, you too will want to be No. 1, and to present yourself as someone special, with unique talents. (I know Madonna is also a Leo, and that applies to her too.)

Loyalty is your trademark. People know you are a genuine friend who is always ready to lend a hand. Even if you can’t help someone with their specific problem, you still manage to send out a warm and reassuring vibration that makes them feel better.

On the other hand, you also have a need to ‘one-up’ others. A little more humility wouldn’t hurt. You will get plenty of praise and recognition for your energy and your self-motivation — you don’t need to big-note yourself. People will instantly recognise your abilities, and many will look up to you. Try not to let this go to your head; remind yourself occasionally to ‘get off your high horse’.

Leo’s totem is the lion, lord of the jungle — full of muscularity, grace and ferocity. This means that your physical appetites and general level of energy are extraordinarily high. You need to be physically mobile and fully engaged in meaningful work and social activities to feel good.

You are a born leader: people naturally gravitate to you, and look to you for guidance and security. This is especially true if you are born in the very first part of Leo – that is you’re born between 24th July and 3rd August. (July 28th here) At times you can seem a hard taskmaster, demanding excellence from them — this is just a reflection of your own actions, your own approach, but keep an eye out for it, and keep it under control.

For Leos born between the 4th and 14th of August, Jupiter and Sagittarius have a strong sway over your life. You are adventurous and love to travel, learn about new cultures and explores the world and people. Mostly easygoing you attract many friends and seem to be in the right place at the right time. You’re one of the lucky Leos.

Are you a Leo born between the 15th and 23rd August? Then your fighting spirit is second to none! Nothing gets in the road of your ambitions so its quite clear that you will achieve what you set your heart upon. My only comment is that you should never tread on anyone’s toes on the way up the ladder of success. You might just have to deal with them on the way down!

Generally you have a pioneering spirit; this is connected to your desire to be the best. So while you could be quite happy with a life where you follow other people’s rules and regulations, mostly you’ll much prefer to blaze your own trail. (very, very true – I’m happiest working for myself and creating my own job)

This means you will carve out your own niche and make a name for yourself. You’ll shine in almost everything you do, and will without a doubt make your mark in the world — you can reach the top of the ladder, no matter what field you choose.  (Well, as a Leo, I have to say “of course this is true!)

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5 Responses to “On Being A Leo: It’s Awesome”

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    to join the Global network and suppot kids who can’t afford to join;
    to pass their knowledge and experience on to other MUN kids.

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  2. As a Sagittarius, Leo’s are one of the signs I get along with well. I liked the way you did this post, using a researched source and adding in your own character traits as they came up.

  3. Cream (Kate) said

    I’m a Leo (10th August) and I love to read stuff like this. I think it’s interesting 😀
    It’s the sort of thing that you read and keep nodding and smiling while you think “Hey, this is true…blimey!”
    As for energetic, I live on a farm eith horses and my pet banatams and they can be alot of work!
    Though, considering I’m still only 14, I think I’m off lightly but running after sheep or elping mum with the horses can be the best times.

    Go Leos! 😀

  4. Sarah said

    We are the leaders =)

    I love being a LEO!

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