Summer Meals and Culinary Success

June 27, 2007

I’m not a particularly good cook.  Sure, I can follow a recipe’s directions provided there are no complicated techniques involved, but in general, my culinary skills leave much to be desired.  This is probably because I like to try and amend the recipe to make it tastier – blame it on being a creative type.  Sometimes this works wonderfully, sometimes I wonder what in the world I was thinking.

However, I am very good at making salads.  Growing up, this was always my job, probably because no one else wanted to do it and it’s a difficult thing to screw up.  However, now I actually kind of enjoy chopping things up (insert “crazy knife wielding bitch” joke here) and I love coming up with creative ingredient combinations.  Also, the likelihood of me setting something on fire while making a salad is very low, and they are generally a healthy meal if you don’t add tons of meat, bacon or creamy dressing.

My current favorite combination is so delicious that I feel the need to share it, so without further adieu:

Toss together spinach, romaine lettuce, sliced strawberries, kiwi, and mango, and add slivered almonds, monterey jack cheese, and grilled chicken (I just get the prepared strips from Trader Joe’s, but if you’re more competent with fire than I am, grilling your own is much better).  Drizzle champagne-pear vinaigrette (also from Trader Joe’s, but raspberry vinaigrette is also good) on top, and you have a refreshing and light summer meal. 


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