Dude, Remember Back in the Day when Facebook was Cool?

June 26, 2007

I recently read this article about Myspace vs. Facebook: Viewing American Classic Divisions through Facebook and Myspace.  Although I believe the author painted the whole thing with entirely too broad of strokes, I can speak to the fact that facebook = college and that part of the reason it was so cool was that it was exclusive to top tier universities.  A class division between Facebook and Myspace users?  No shit, Sherlock.

 In the earliest days of Facebook, users had to attend upper tier schools, so there were no immature high schoolers and no “real adults”.  It was all about being a member of an exclusive group and making connections with that group.  Yes, it was/is a bit elitest and the user demographics tend to skew towards the upper middle class.  At the risk of sounding elitist myself, my alma mater was one of the first schools to get Facebook access, and I recall just about everyone being addicted to it and checking it constantly. 

However, it’s been quite a while since I used Facebook for anything other than occasionally checking out what old friends are up to.  The live feed thing kind of irritates me and although the groups and writing on walls can be amusing, it seems to be more of a time-suck than anything else.  Of course college students love Facebook, it’s a wonderful procrastination tool, but does anyone use it for purposes other than seeing that your friends are doing? 

I’ve found that I get much more out of user-driven media sites like Digg and Del.icio.us and especially blogging platforms than Facebook.  After all, in the end, the blog – the act of recording your interests, thoughts, and actions on the web – is still at the heart of everything anyways.

On a related note, this article from College Humor is hilarious.

On a different related note, here’s a global map of the Social Networks from Valleywag.  Personally, I love that a commentator pointed out that according to the rules of Risk, Blogger has won.


One Response to “Dude, Remember Back in the Day when Facebook was Cool?”

  1. […] I initially cringed when it was opened to everyone.  It sounds a little snobby but I kind of liked the exclusivity – there were no bosses, no clients, no supervision.  It was like the anti-Linked-In in that it […]

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