Happy Father’s Day

June 18, 2007

In honor of Father’s Day, here is a list of valuable things I learned from my dad:

1.  My dad taught me that you have to compare pizza places by the common denominator of the plain cheese or cheese and pepperoni slices.  If a pizza parlor can’t do a basic pie well, chances are the rest of their products will be substandard too.  (My dad is a pizza expert and he can tell you the best spots to grab a slice in most U.S. cities).

2.  My dad taught me how to appreciate football, America’s greatest sport (in my opinion).  Now I’m not only a Notre Dame and Chicago Bears fan, I’m a knowledgeable one.  I also play and understand fantasy football and I’m decent at Madden (the PS2 game).  In the fall, our conversations tend to revolve around how our favorite teams and and our fantasy football teams are doing.

3.  My dad taught me to eat my steaks and burgers rare and to enjoy red meat.  Neither of us will ever be vegetarians while there are delicious things like prime rib in the world.

4.  My dad taught me how to play chess, Stratego, and Risk.  The skills that I learned from these strategy and logic based games are actually pretty useful in real life too.  My dad also taught me how to play poker and blackjack – I don’t gamble much, but a good poker face is always an asset.

5.  My dad taught me that it was cool for a girl to run and lift weights and generally be in good shape.  It sounds a little trite, but I learned that the point of working out and eating well was to make yourself healthier, not just to look good (although that’s definitely a positive result).  A lesson that all young girls should learn, especially considering how widespread eating disorders are now. 

6.  My dad taught me about music, classic rock in particular, and introduced me to Bob Dylan, Bob Seger, America, Crosby, Stills, & Nash, Bruce Springsteen, James Brown, the Eagles, and many, many more.  Sharing songs and making CDs (my dad still hasn’t jumped on the Ipod bandwagon) for each other is one of our favorite things.

Thanks Dad for being there and being awesome – and happy Father’s Day!


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