Meta-Blogging and 8 Reasons Why I Blog

June 13, 2007

I’m currently working on a project where I blog about blogging, in order to convince others to blog and help them use blogging as a tool to promote…well, whatever it is they want to promote.  In the process, I thought about why I blog, and like any good blogger, I decided to share my reasons with the internet. 

1.  The blog is the new resume and google is the new business card.  Static resumes are soooo 20th century, don’t you think?  Seriously though, blogs can be an online portfolio and a dynamic way to present yourself to potential clients, employers, and customers.  You can also include personal details and let your unique voice prove that you’re more than just a bot.

2.  You become part of a dynamic community by linking to and commenting on other blogs.  At its most basic level, the internet is about connecting individuals with words, images, video, and music. 

3.  I like to know that other people read my work.  Yes, blogging can be a little a narcissistic at times, but it’s particularly rewarding as a writer to watch my stats go up.  It’s also kind of interesting to see some of the search terms that bring people to my blogs  (an aside to everyone who queried: yes, Morocco is safe for Americans and the Neuschwanstein Castle really exists).

4.  Promotion.  Besides my own abilities, I can use my blog as a platform draw attention to interesting events, books, and good things in general.

5.  Blogs can be like diaries – they’re records of what you’re thinking and where you were at a given point in time.

6.  People pay me to do it – I keep a Chicago fashion blog at AOL’s Stylelist and contribute to several other blogs.  I also make a little cash from the ads on my fashion blog.  It’s a prosaic reason, but true nonetheless. 

7.  Transparency is pretty cool on all levels.  It’s been argued that having a blog is considered a liability by employers, but besides the fact that I freelance, I honestly wouldn’t want to work for someone who regulated their employees’ lives to that extent (as long as you’re not spilling trade secrets or confidential info, bad-mouthing your employer or clients, talking about how wasted you got last weekend, or sharing the sordid details of your sex life, why should it matter?).

8. Because I enjoy it.  No further explanation needed.


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