One Year Ago Today…

June 11, 2007

Exactly one year ago today, I moved into my adorable little apartment in Chicago.  For the first time, I would have my own place, free of roommates and their assorted problems and issues (I’ve actually had some very cool roommates, but sometimes a girl just needs her own space).  It’s in a vintage Art Deco building that’s a little under a century old and full of character and charm.  It’s in good condition, however, and full of quirky details and there’s awesome views from my windows and the rooftop.  The decor, however, is more eclectic than vintage inspired.

Here are some pictures – the wall hanging and a lot of the textiles are from India.

The turquoise dresser is only “vintage” thing in the apartment – it was my grandparents’ and is considerably older than I am.

This my cute little kitchen, where I mostly heat up frozen things from Trader Joes and set off the fire alarm but occasionally prepare a decent meal.


When I moved to Chicago, I also adopted a gorgeous black cat with emerald eyes.  Her name is Eva and she’s my lucky black cat.  Eva’s many roles include slayer of spiders, consumer of catnip, and giver of hugs and kisses.

Isn’t she a sweetheart?

Edit: I realized that by posting a picture of my cat on the web, I’ve officially crossed some kind of cat-lady line.  If I’m living alone in a big old haunted house with fifty cats when I’m 80, at least I’ll know where it all got started.


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