It’s a Good Week to be in Chicago

June 3, 2007

Sometimes I really love living in Chicago.  Check out these local events for the coming week:

Printer’s Row Book Fair: “The Printers Row Book Fair was founded in 1985 by the Near South Planning Board to attract visitors to the Printers Row neighborhood (once the city’s bookmaking hub). By 2002, it had grown to five city blocks (on Dearborn, from Congress to Polk), attracting more than 190 booksellers from across the country displaying new, used and antiquarian books, and featuring seven stages with more than 90 free literary programs. It is considered the largest free outdoor literary event in the Midwest-drawing more than 90,000 book lovers to the two-day showcase. For news release, click here.” (taken from the event’s website)

Some of the authors that I’m particularly excited about seeing are Tony and Maureen Wheeler – the creators of the Lonely Planet guides.  Has anyone done more for backpackers and other young (or young at heart) travelers than them?  I’m also looking forward to seeing Jen Lancaster, because she’s absolutely hilarious.  Plus big names like Joyce Carol Oates will be in attendance, and you can shop for hard to find books! 

Al Gore is coming to the State Street Borders to sign copies of his latest book, The Assault on Reason.  Yet another reason I’m glad I freelance – I don’t have to explain why I’m sneaking away in the middle of the day to get my book signed by the genius that is Al Gore.

The Wells Street Art Festival  and the Old Town Art Fair – tons of great vendors making cool stuff, (almost) right outside my door.  Clearly, I have to buy something so I can support the indie art scene.


2 Responses to “It’s a Good Week to be in Chicago”

  1. Ali Walsh said

    Hi Jacqueline,

    Catch us in the same neighborhood but at a different fair, Old Town Art Fair. Our booth number is 184. Would love to see you!
    Contemporary Art with a Southern Accent

  2. i agree this is a great week to be in chicago, but unfortunetly i can’t be apart of it becasue i’m on deploymeny, but without a doubt in my mind, the navy has tooken me many places, but no one city has what chicago has. do you know what that is?

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