Things I want to Accomplish

May 9, 2007

Because after reading some of the Top Five Lists on Problogger, I’m in a list-making mood.

1. Get a book(s) published.  Preferably more than one.  Like every former English major, I have the bones for several novels on my hard drive.

2.  Climb a mountain.  A real mountain, maybe Kilmanjaro. 

3.  Live for a least a year in a foreign country.  Getting completely outside of your comfort zone is an amazing challenge and learning experience.

4. Teach English as a foreign language.  This will probably coincide with #3.

5.  Read every book on my list.  I started keeping an Amazon wishlist of the books that I’d like to read, and there’s several hundred on there and I seem to add more everyday.

6.  Travel the original Silk Road – from Istanbul to Shanghai – overland. 

7.   Attend the couture shows in Paris.  Hopefully while John Galliano is still designing for Dior, because he is a genius.

8.  Get really, really good at chess, and other games that require lots of strategy (Risk, Stratego).  I’m already decent, but one can always improve.

9.  Run a marathon.  Similar to #8, I’m in fairly good shape, but not marathon-ready. 

10.  Learn how to cook beyond just following the directions in a recipe.  The kind of cooking that involves knowing what flavors will work together and how ingredients will blend.  Or least not setting off the fire alarm every time I turn on the oven.

11.  Fluency in at least one non-English language.  Not the ability to just get by as a tourist, but to be able to hold extended conversations and read books in that language.

12.  Heli-skiiing.  Because it’s just awesome and I have a certain fondness for semi-dangerous activities that involve heights.

13.  See my alma mater win a national championship for football, even if I have to sell a kidney to be at the game.

14.  Start some kind of nonprofit charity or other organization – I’m not sure what yet.  I already volunteer my time and skills for other organizations, and I’m kind of a hippie (perhaps the result of working with Amnesty International or just spending too much time in the “People’s Republic of Ann Arbor”).

15.  By the same token, become more involved with Couchsurfing and Book Crossing, because they are both such great projects.


One Response to “Things I want to Accomplish”

  1. Allan W. said

    #2: I suggest Mt. Hood near Portland, Oregon – it’s the second-most climbed after Mt. Fuji, is relatively safe (yet people die on it every year =) and stunningly beautiful. Climbing is worth doing; I got hooked.

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