Myspace is Evil and other such Nonsense

May 1, 2007

I have a somewhat odd confession for a twenty-something: I don’t have a Myspace.  In fact, many of the social networking sites sort of irritate me, especially Myspace.  Come on, it’s just one big popularity contest with a lot of bad flash animation.

It’s gotten to the point where when I meet someone new in my general age group (male or female, it doesn’t seem to matter), one of the first questions they ask me is “what’s your myspace?” I am aware that many people view Myspace as a valuable networking tool, but do you really want potential business associates to see messages about how wasted you got last weekend? Or if you’re a girl, the requisite cleavage shot taken from an awkward angle?

Actually, that last one could probably be useful depending on the kind of business you’re in.  But for those of not in the music or entertainment industries, does Myspace offer any benefits?

Yes, there is something a little bit ridiculous about a blogger ranting on Myspace and it’s spawn of imitators.  However, blogs generally involve actual writing and any kind of networking (links and comments) is second to the content.  And successful blogs typically don’t have loads of flash and gifs and music to slow down your computer and distract you from the fact that the content, well, kind of sucks. 

Or maybe Myspace and its ilk are fabulous revolutionary creations that will change human interaction as we know it, and I’m just bitter because I don’t know how to angle a webcam to best display my own cleavage (and therefore make tons of “friends”).  I’m still not signing up to create my own.


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