Why Wait?

April 16, 2007

A couple years ago, the Book of Questions was brand new and fairly popular.  It was a small book filled with conservation starters like “Would you be willing to have horrible nightmares every night for a year if you would be rewarded with extraordinary wealth?” and “Would you be willing to eat a bowl of live crickets for $40,000?”  Plenty of the questions are a little silly, but some are quite thought-provoking.

One such question is “Is there something you’ve dreamed of doing for a long time?  Why haven’t you done it?”  Everyone has begun sentences with “I wish…” and “Someday I’ll…”, but all too often we conclude with “when I get enough money” or “maybe next year”. 

I’m not talking about impossible dreams here, but attainable goals like taking a trip around the world, skiiing the Rockies, or even volunteering for a cause you really believe in.  Why do we keep putting things off?  Because there’s always tomorrow.

But that’s not one hundred percent true.  The Virginia Tech shootings today are just one (currently outstanding) example.  Thirty-two people unexpectedly and tragically lost their shot at tomorrow.  By all reports, they were young and healthy with everything in the world to look forward too.  It’s a depressing thought, but unexpected tragedies occur every day in every part of the world.

My point is that we should all stop putting things off or waiting for others to approve of our plans.  Go sky-diving if that’s what you’ve always wanted to do.  Volunteer at the Humane Society if you’re an animal lover.  Make the effort and find the money to do whatever it is you’re passionate about.  Hell, quit your corporate job and become an artist or join the Peace Corps if that’s what you’ve always dreamed about.  Spend more time with the people you love and less time worrying about the small stuff. 

Time is the single most valuable thing you have.


One Response to “Why Wait?”

  1. very amazing stories here and your writing is great! thanks for sharing. nancy

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