Just the Facts, Madame

April 8, 2007

Despite the somewhat (okay, completely) negative view of the current U.S. Commander-in-Chief abroad, I’ve never had any problems traveling with an American passport.  Usually a simple “hey, I didn’t vote for him” is enough to earn a chuckle and some sympathy.  After all, I was the one who had to go back home to Curious George’s America.

By the time I reached Morocco, I was well-traveled and my “denial of responsibility for Bush” speech was equally well-practiced.  During my first breakfast at the Fassi Riad, I was introducing myself to the other guests when the owner’s wife joined in.  Up until this point, I wasn’t even sure if she spoke English, so you can imagine my shock when she contributed this to our little discussion.

“I know” she said in response.

I just looked at her quizzically, not really sure what she meant.

“You did not pick Double-U.  Because you are here – here in Maroc.”  She handed me another glass of mint tea.  “His supporters would never ever come to a Muslim nation has no oil.”

“Oui, oui, you are very right.” I agreed with her remarkably astute observation.

“But Maroc is a very beautiful and safe place.”  I couldn’t agree with her more, yet I was a little ashamed at the way my country’s government was perceived.


3 Responses to “Just the Facts, Madame”

  1. What a very beautiful blog. And I absolutely loved this entry – that captures IT exactly.

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