Travel in a Time of War

April 3, 2007

The bulk of my travel experience has occurred post 9-11, but even before that safety was always a concern.  Here’s a great article by author Rob Sangster on “Travel in a Time of War” that anyone who is worried danger on the road.  It also covers why you should make the effort and the time to explore.

“As a traveler, you develop a deeper understanding of the strivings of billions of humans. You realize how much of what you’d accepted as universal truth is based on only the values of the country in which you grew up. You learn tolerance or appreciation for deeply-held beliefs of others. Think about the extent to which present problems are related to isolation and to fear of and failure to understand the unknown “other.”

Freed from the cocoon of home, a traveler learns how people live in the rest of the world, what they care about. After you’ve been to Beijing, television coverage of helmeted soldiers beating students to the pavement in Tienanmen Square affects you in ways that people who haven’t been there simply cannot appreciate.”

Another great quote from “(In my book) I quote a priest who reportedly said ‘In all my years, I’ve never once heard a man on his deathbed say ‘My only regret is that I didn’t spend more time in the office.’ ‘I’ll never say that either’ says Rob.”


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